A Flipping Good Time


A Flipping Good Time is a fast-paced free-flowing 2D platformer. Flip and fly through an expansive underground world using the fluid nature of gravity to avoid the hazardous terrain. With challenging obstacles, exhilarating mine cart rides, an immersive environment, rewarding collectibles, and entertaining levels with unlockable bonus levels, A Flipping Good Time is just that: a flipping good time.

The game is a student project from DigiPen Institute of Technology developed by Mike's Plumbing and Tile: Media Arts Division. The team is composed of three programmers, two game designers, one full time artist, and one musician. We developed the game over two semesters for our sophomore project class, and was recognized by PAX10 and The Extra Credits Innovation Awards.

This game was developed from scratch in C++ using only FMOD and DirectX.


Visit our team page at www.mikesplumbingandtile.com


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Latest News

A Flipping Good Time was played live online by Indie Games for Good to raise money for Child's Play Charity.

Elected by a panel of over 100 game industry experts as a 2011 PAX10 winner.

A Flipping Good Time